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Outfit: When the Leaves Turn Brown

Rock t shirt, black body con zipped skirt and lace up bootsRock t shirt, black body con zipped skirt and lace up bootsRock t shirt, black body con zipped skirt and lace up bootsRock t shirt, black body con zipped skirt and lace up bootsRock t shirt, black body con zipped skirt and lace up bootstop: Topshop, skirt: Republic, boots: New Look

This is the farmland behind my house. It’s beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn brown and the grass grows long and thick. I had a morning walk with Callum and my family, so put together a simple little outfit with sturdy boots and quickly braided my hair into a plait – though the wind messed that up!

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Andrea Fulerton Nails Goody Bag

Andrea Fulerton Nails

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to do a beauty shoot with Stylist for their 100th edition, made entirely by readers. And as if getting your hair, nails and make up done, spending a day in a cool Hoxton apartment, hanging out chatting about beauty, meeting the Stylist beauty team AND having an amazing home cooked meal by photographer Jonny’s PA was not enough, we got these amazing goody bags from our nail artist, Andrea Fulerton.

Now this is just ridiculous. There’s definitely in excess of £70 worth of stuff in here. This treat could not have come at a better time as I’ve been so impressed by nail geniuses such as Lilly Pebbles and Emily’s Nail Files that I’ve decided to try out some nail art of my own, and this bag of Andrea Fulerton goodies is definitely going to get me off to a good start. How awesome are those skull and cross-bones nail tattoos!

So check back soon as I should have some cool new nails to show off … Also, I’ll be posting about the actual shoot once the magazine’s out next week. Can’t wait to share it with you all – and be sure to look out for a copy of Stylist next week too!

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I Want it Wednesday – Balmain Leather Trousers

Balmain Leather Trouserssource:

God they’re amazing. I have been searching for a high street alternative for years but nothing beats the look and feel of real leather stretched over skin. I did find a great pair of faux leather trousers from H&M last year (similar to these ones out now), but they ripped and I haven’t been able to get another pair as I’m now inbetween sizes. Please tell me if you know where I can get some cheap Balmain-esque alternatives! I will be buying a real pair though when I start making the monies … but that might be a while!

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Day to Night: Topshop Adorn Gold Heel Ankle Boots

Topshop Adorn Gold Heel Ankle Boots OutfitTopshop Adorn Gold Heel Ankle Boots Outfit

I bought these boots last week and I am already in love.  I love ankle boots for their versatility and practicality, but the gold heel on these adds a little edge that takes this pair right to the top of my books. They make the day to night transition so, so easy. Get them, NOW.

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Outfit: Last of the Summer

Last of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer OutfitLast of the Summer Outfit

top: H&M, cardigan: G2000, shorts: Mango, belt: Whistles, shoes: Jones, necklace: Accessorize, bracelets: Accessorize, H&M, bag: Warehouse

Wow do I miss summer. Actually, this year I also missed summer, because the only sustained good weather I experienced was during my finals, which was for the majority spent at a desk in a room with the curtains drawn. So I made the most of the good weather a few weeks back to wear all those gorgeous summer clothes that spent far too long in the cupboard this year.

I love mixing prints. It can be tricky but just play around with it until it works for you. These two prints go so well together, it’s like a summers day and night in one! These Jones boots are one of my favourite buys ever. I wear them in winter with jeans and knit tights, and then again in summer with denim shorts and flimsy dresses. They’ve also got the perfect heel hight – I am only slightly taller than Callum with these on 😉

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I Want it Wednesday – Armour Rings

Armour Rings

1: Topshop rhinestone ring 

2: ASOS cut-out articulated ring

3: Low Luv gold-plated ring

4: Vivienne Westwood ring 

There’s nothing like an armour ring to toughen up a look and inject a bit of cool into any outfit. I’m a bit lax about rings – they’re not always very practical and for me, no matter how amazing something looks, if its a pain in the ass to wear then I don’t wanna know. But with the bend in the middle, these armour rings are actually pretty comfortable. Vivienne Westwood’s ones are the cream of the crop, but the cheaper alternatives from Topshop, ASOS and Low Luv will still look hot on your fingers.

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Glacial Photoshoot for Glacial Weather

Glacial Shoot by Sandro BablerGlacial Shoot by Sandro BablerGlacial Shoot by Sandro BablerGlacial Shoot by Sandro Babler

source and more pictures:

It’s like the middle of the Arctic Ocean here at the moment! Earlier this week I was wearing shorts, and then the last few days I’ve been wrapping my poor, trembling body up in faux fur, hoodies and leather. It’s seriously glacial here.

… Well, ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I swear it feels like it sometimes! So as the icy days come rolling in, here’s a beautiful  Sandro Bäbler shoot shot at a Switzerland ice stream to match the weather.

This glacial beauty of a shoot gives off a sense of strength with a hidden vulnerability. I love fashion shoots which are evocative and emotive, even if the clothes aren’t always the main focus. It makes me feel something, gives me an indication of how a brand’s clothes will empower or change me.

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Seeing Pink

Pink Items

1: Sam & Lavi Pink Kelsie Tank

2: Halston Heritage Gabardine Trench

3: McQ Ankle-Zip Cotton-Blend Pants

4: Alexander mcqueen shoes PINK

5: Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Suede – Antique Pink

6: Asos Upper Arm Cuff With Stretch Shoulder Band And Feather Cluster

7: Marni Knitted wool and brass chain necklace

8: Juicy Couture Leather Charm Cuff Pink One Size

I did an outfit post the other week to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). Well, a girl can never have too much pink, so I thought I’d get together a little pink-spiration of my favourite pink items. It’s not a colour I wear a lot of, I’ll be honest, but it works when used for a pop of colour or with layering of pink tones. Plus, it’s an awesome cause so GET ON IT PEOPLE! Pink it up!

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