House of Dereon by Beyonce and Tina Knowles

House of Dereon - Beyonce and Tina Knowlessource:

Well I’ll hold my hands up right now and say I’m really not a Beyonce sort of woman. I just don’t have that swagger, that too-sexy curvaceousness, that24/7 glamour that she projects. So I definitely was not expecting the new collection from House of Dereon, her clothing line made in collaboration with mum Tina Knowles, to be my sort of thing.

Having now launched at Selfridges, I can now safely say that I was right. It’s really not my sort of thing. A lot of shimmery snakeprints and zipped hoody pieces, it’s pretty bold and bootilicious. However, a few of the pieces (featured above) are pretty cool and I’m already imagining how I’d work them into my own style. Suede high-waisted shorts? Yes please. Patterned leggings? Yes please. However, these are definitely nothing new or that original, so whether I’ll be popping out a few more pounds for something I could find on the high street is another question.

If you could have any celebrity design a clothing line, who would it be? I’m thinking Miranda Kerr or Blake Lively (as long as the latter has some sort of clevage-barometer in place. Yes we know you have great boobs, they look just as nice tucked away!)

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5 thoughts on “House of Dereon by Beyonce and Tina Knowles

  1. Unconventional hooded tops are always a yes.

  2. michelle says:

    love these looks 🙂

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