I Want it Wednesday – Fringe Boots

B Brian Atwood Pembra BootsSam Edelman Louie BootsChristian Louboutin Rom Boots

I’ve really got into fringing on clothes lately. I always thought it was a bit shabby looking and a danger hazard (those frayed ends could so get caught on stuff) but after getting this Nasty Gal top I’ve been turned around. So next on my fringe list are boots. They add a little cowboy edge to any outfit and are great for summer too with denim pieces.

I’m in love with the B Brian Atwood Pembra boots. The block heel is really cool and the almost purple-tinted colour is just beautiful. The Sam Edelman Louie boots are also a great piece as they’re so versatile and the low heel makes them super wearable. Plus, they’re a great price – unlike the Christian Louboutin Rom boots, which are way out of my monetary league. But they’re so gorgeous and I love their boho charm, so maybe they’re one to save up for. It’ll only take a few years after all …

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3 thoughts on “I Want it Wednesday – Fringe Boots

  1. Jess says:

    I need that second pair. Exactly the sort of boots I’ve been looking for. I love fringes!

  2. I WANT! Those fringe boots are to die for!

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    Stay Cinched,
    Cinched at the Waist

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