I Want it Wednesday – Tribal Jewellery

Tribal Jewellery

1. Michael Spirito Swarovski and Mother of Pearl Tribal Necklace

2. Kapoeta by Ambica Tribal Earrings

3. Coyote Dangle Earrings 

I’ve also had my eye on Isabel Marant’s feather earrings and Aztec beaded cuffs. I love the cool, boho vibe a few simple tribal accessories add to an outfit – as inspired by the beautiful Isabel Lucas shoot for Vogue a while back, and Project Runway’s Anya of course! It’s probably worth investing in one or two statement pieces though, as I’ve had tribal style jewellery in the past from cheaper retailers that has broken apart pretty quickly due to all the delicate feathers and beads involved. I also think it’s a style that can easily look tacky, so one or two investment pieces may be the way to go.

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One thought on “I Want it Wednesday – Tribal Jewellery

  1. My friend Kerry rocks tribal like nobody else, so that said I wanted my own pair of feathered ear-rings. Not willing to invest in feathers I bought a cheap but cute pair. They “fly” out of my ears while riding a bike, lol. Moral of the story? Not sure, but tribal accessories just seem so yummy.

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