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House of Dereon by Beyonce and Tina Knowles

House of Dereon - Beyonce and Tina Knowlessource: http://www.houseofdereon.com/

Well I’ll hold my hands up right now and say I’m really not a Beyonce sort of woman. I just don’t have that swagger, that too-sexy curvaceousness, that24/7 glamour that she projects. So I definitely was not expecting the new collection from House of Dereon, her clothing line made in collaboration with mum Tina Knowles, to be my sort of thing.

Having now launched at Selfridges, I can now safely say that I was right. It’s really not my sort of thing. A lot of shimmery snakeprints and zipped hoody pieces, it’s pretty bold and bootilicious. However, a few of the pieces (featured above) are pretty cool and I’m already imagining how I’d work them into my own style. Suede high-waisted shorts? Yes please. Patterned leggings? Yes please. However, these are definitely nothing new or that original, so whether I’ll be popping out a few more pounds for something I could find on the high street is another question.

If you could have any celebrity design a clothing line, who would it be? I’m thinking Miranda Kerr or Blake Lively (as long as the latter has some sort of clevage-barometer in place. Yes we know you have great boobs, they look just as nice tucked away!)

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Balmain SS2012: Leather, Metallics, Denim and Prints

Balmain SS12Balmain SS12Balmain SS12

source: http://nymag.com/

This is what Balmain do. Their SS2012 collection has key pieces that can be taken and updated every season, with gold, blue and black hues that can be wintry as well as summery, and the shapes are boyish but elegant. Love the almost art-deco, Las Vegasy feel to the collection. It’s great to see Balmain move towards a more polished and elegant look with this collection without losing their complete rockstar AWESOMENESS!

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The Shoe Galleries at Selfridges

Shoes Galleries at Selfridges

Shoes Galleries at Selfridges

Shoe Galleries at Selfridges

Shoe Galleries at Selfridges

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/http://www.selfridges.com/

It’s like Alice fell through the rabbit hole all over again. London girls everywhere arrived in Wonderland with the opening of the amazing Shoe Galleries at Selfridges last year, and they’re now one year old. I still haven’t been but now I’ve moved to London, the minute I get some time I’ll be going to check it out. There are over 5,000 pairs of shoes from 120 brands, including Tory Burch, Roger Vivier, Stuart Weitzman, Office, River Island and All Saints, so it’s not just designer gear.

Below are some of my favourite boots for winter showcasing at the Galleries, featuring Kurt Geiger, Charlotte Olympia,  Alexander McQueen, Alexandre Birman, Givenchy and Beau Coops:

Shoe Galleries Boots Selection

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I Want it Wednesday – Balenciaga Bags

Balenciaga Blue Fluo Lizard Neon HandbagBalenciaga Black Buffalo Ancre HandbagBalenciaga Blue Royal Calfskin Papier Handbag

source: http://www.balenciaga.co.uk/

Balenciaga bags are very high on my ‘when I’m rich I’ll buy this’ list. A girl can dream. They are such practical but beautiful things, and I like their colour palettes. I’m a sucker for blue and black bags, so these three are my current favourites.

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Dress Up a Plain Top – Statement Necklaces and Scarves

Pilgrim NecklaceTim Ryan Scarf

Statement Necklaces and Scarves

Nicole Fahri NecklaceWe Are Owls Scarf

sources: http://www.asos.com/http://www.nicolefarhi.com/http://www.net-a-porter.com/

I love a basic tee or strap top, but it can get a bit boring, so sometimes I dress mine up with statement necklaces and scarves. It gives some texture and detail to an otherwise plain outfit, and it’s such an easy look to wear. Above are some of my favourite statement neck looks. The designers are in order from top: Pilgrim, Tim Ryan, Nicole Fahri, We Are Owls.

I now want to move on to try statement earrings, having seen some amazing ones on ASOS that the models are rocking, but I’m afraid my teeny ears won’t be able to cope with their weight!

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Digital Styling with Polyvore

Green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapesGreen notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes - items

Callum’s mega-busy with all sorts of stuff lately so I’m still waiting on him to edit the outfit photos and London Fashion Weekend coverage he’s done. I’m happy with the pics as they are but they’re going up on this blog under his name so he needs to be completely satisfied with them.

So whilst I’m waiting on those here’s some digital styling I did on Polyvore recently. This is what I’d wear if I was far more stylish than I actually am! The outfit was inspired by green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes.

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The Jumper

The jumperThe Jumper - Jewellery Details

jumper: French Connection, necklaces: Bulgari, Forever 21, Massimo Dutti

A few weeks ago I did a post about the perfect t-shirt. Well say hello to the jumper that goes with everything. This was a steal from French Connection during their summer sale – probably one of my favourite sales out of all the shops. I find it difficult to trawl through loads of jumbled clothing racks (er, sorry Topshop!), and so tend to do my sale shopping online, but FCUK sales are always well organised. This jumper was another one of those ‘got-to-have-it’ moments. The mix of silk, wool and cotton has given the fabric a really luxurious, soft-knit feel without being itchy or shapeless. The colour is great too – a deep, almost brownish charcoal-grey that looks great against bright jewellery like these necklaces. It’s such an amazing piece, I have to force myself not to wear it all the time!

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On THOSE T-shirts *Cough Topman Cough*

Topman I'm Sorry T-ShirtTop Man What Breed is She T-Shirtsource: http://www.topman.com

Just wanted to add my two cents to the debate that’s surrounding these Topman t-shirts – recently withdrawn from sale of course. I’m not really going to talk about the second one. It’s mildly funny and I don’t really take issue with it, especially when you consider how there are equally derogatory t-shirts about men in a number of high street stores. I can see how it was ‘a bit of a laugh’. But as for the first one, the ‘I’m Sorry’ tee, now that is just totally appalling.

A Topman spokesperson on Facebook apologised for the offence it has caused, claiming that ‘these T-shirts were meant to be light-hearted and carried no serious meaning’. Now, I like to think I’ve got a good sense of humour but what stops the t-shirt from being light hearted is the choice of excuses. ‘I hate you’? ‘You provoked me’? There are dark sentiments in these excuses. They hint at anger. They are scarily ambiguous. Even if this t-shirt makes no direct link to violence, it’s implicated in the words. Worn on a t-shirt, the excuses become glamorised, normalised. And let’s not even go into its implicated stance on youth drinking culture in Britain today.

I have no problem with fashion being offensive. It is, after all, an expression of the wearers personality, beliefs and opinions, and not everyone’s going to agree with what people have to say. But if you’re going to wear something controversial I’d rather you had something important to say – some message behind the fabric (or meat, a la Lady Gaga). There is no message behind this t-shirt. What’s its purpose? In fact, if there is any message behind it it’s that these sorts of excuses are ok. And no, Topman, they’re really not.

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I Want it Wednesday – La Mer Cuff Watches

La Mer WatchLa Mer WatchLa Mer Watch

source: http://www.lamercollections.com/

TOO AWESOMTASTICAL! I came across these watches years ago, but I’m still crazy about them. That’s a good sign – I try and wait on things before buying them. The bigger the price tag, the longer the wait! I am a huge fan of leather cuffs, and so having a watch and cuff in one is like jewellery heaven for me.

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I Hart Jess

Jess HartJess Hartsource: http://trendland.net/

I did a post earlier today about O’Neill, and I was wondering for aaaages who Elyse Taylor (their brand ambassador) reminds me of. It’s Jess Hart! Both Aussie, both blonde, both with those inviting eyes and perfect lips. I absolutely adore these two pictures of Jess Hart, she’s got so much emotion in both of them.

Oh, and watch out for her in next month’s Vogue Australia! She’s wearing Ralph Lauren in a gorgeous Parisian photoshoot by Eric Guillemain.

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