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Outfit: Wild Thing

Wild Thing Outfit

Wild Thing OutfitWild Thing Outfit

dress: Forever 21, waistcoat: ASOS, leggings: ASOS, shoes: Urban Outfitters, necklace (worn as bracelet): Bulgari

Well this post was timely. Fur waistcoat in the middle of the one week this year that is actually hot ūüėČ ! Anyway, this outfit is something that can take me from day to night, which is something I love as I’m often out all day and I don’t want to get chilly when it gets dark. This faux fur waistcoat is great as it’s warm but not too stuffy or hot, and I like having my arms unstifled by thick sleeves. As for the Urban Outfitters shoes, well they are killers! I definitely won’t be wearing them often, but I love securing the straps over leggings – a little trick to make your legs look longer, along with the massive heel of course!

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Digital Styling with Polyvore

Green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapesGreen notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes - items

Callum’s mega-busy with all sorts of stuff lately so I’m still waiting on him to edit the outfit photos and London Fashion Weekend coverage he’s done. I’m happy with the pics as they are but they’re going up on this blog under his name so he needs to be¬†completely¬†satisfied with them.

So whilst I’m waiting on those here’s some digital styling I did on Polyvore recently. This is what I’d wear if I was far more stylish than I actually am! The outfit was inspired by green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes.

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The Jumper

The jumperThe Jumper - Jewellery Details

jumper: French Connection, necklaces: Bulgari, Forever 21, Massimo Dutti

A few weeks ago I did a post about the perfect t-shirt. Well say hello to the jumper that goes with everything. This was a steal from French Connection during their summer sale – probably one of my favourite sales out of all the shops. I find it difficult to trawl through loads of jumbled clothing racks (er, sorry Topshop!), and so tend to do my sale shopping online, but FCUK sales are always well organised. This jumper was another one of those ‘got-to-have-it’ moments. The mix of silk, wool and cotton has given the fabric a really luxurious, soft-knit feel without being itchy or shapeless. The colour is great too – a deep, almost brownish charcoal-grey that looks great against bright jewellery like these necklaces. It’s such an amazing piece, I have to force myself not to wear it all the time!

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Aimee Song from Song of Style Polyvore Set

Aimee Song from Song of Style Polyvore SetMore blogger envy. Hope you don’t mind me sharing but whilst I’m waiting for the boyfriend to have free time to take some outfit pictures, here’s a great outfit from Song of Style. Changed the shoes a little as I’m just so in love with the fold on these Alexander McQueen boots but otherwise I love it all. Polyvore is so awesome, but so addictive. Be warned. It will eat you up.

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Blogger Envy: Ebba Zingmark

Ebba Zingmark Ebba Zingmark Ebba Zingmark Ebba Zingmark Ebba Zingmark source: http://nyheter24.se/modette/ebbazingmark/

Uggggghhhh she’s just too gorgeous and too stylish. I both love and hate looking at her blog. Hate because it makes me think why can’t I have those clothes and why is my face not exactly like hers, but love because her outfits are a real inspiration. They’re on the right side of cutesy to not be too twee and I love their European flair. Can’t really pinpoint what it is about European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and France but they have this aesthetic that runs through their fashion that I really like.

Blogger envy big time.

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Outfit: Pink Suede Shoes

Pink Suede Shoes OutfitPink Suede Shoes Outfit

top: ASOS, dress: H&M, shoes: ASOS, necklace: Miss Selfridge

In a pink straddling nude and peachy, these are just colourful enough to stand out and not too bright to be able to go with other strong colours. Who would have thought pink and orange would go together? I like layering swing tops over simple dresses, and the lace in this little gem from ASOS gives an otherwise very simple and almost flat outfit some dimension.

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Outfit: Back to Black

Back to Black Fetish Trend Outfit

blazer: Miss Selfridge, top: French Connection, skirt: H&M, shoes: Jones, belt: Zara, bag: Nine West, necklace: River Island, cuffs: ASOS, Warehouse

I rarely wear so much black during the daytime, but I felt like looking sharp and smart today. Fetish is a massive AW11 trend but I’m not a huge fan of some of the key pieces – wide belts especially are really not my style. So I took details from the trend to inject this outfit with wearable fetish accents. This Miss Selfridge blazer is the perfect item for adding a bit of fetish style without being too extreme. Sorry it’s these boots again, but they’re just the most versataile shoes ever. Plus, I love the gradient from the brown at the bottom up through the sheer tights to the all-black top pieces.

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Fall Minimalism from stylewithbenefits

Fall Minimalism from stylewithbenefits

via fall minimalism

Stumbled upon this gorgeous outfit from Rebecca at¬†stylewithbenefits¬†and just had to share! Though if you tried to wear this outfit over here in the UK in autumn you’d end up with some pretty soggy socks!

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Outfit: Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the StormCalm Before the Storm

knit: borrowed from my mum, top: H&M, shorts: Mango, boots: Schuh, hand chain: ASOS

Well this day was very British! Umbrella-blown-inside-out moments galore, and for the most part I could barely see through my hair. Managed to get some quick pictures done before the rain came, and it was actually rather warm, hence the shorts. I’m trying to stretch out bare legs as far into¬†September¬†as possible but it’s already getting a bit difficult.

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Outfit: California Dreaming on Such a Rainy Day

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California Dreaming on Such a Rainy Day

California Dreaming on Such a Rainy Day Outfit

California Dreaming on Such a Rainy Day Outfit

California Dreaming on Such a Rainy Day

dress: French Connection, knit: Zara, belt: Zara, shoes: Schuh,necklaces: River Island, Forever 21, cuff: ASOS

It was weirdly warm out today, despite the rain and dark clouds. So I threw on a girly white summer dress and nude knit (isn’t Zara the best for knitwear atm?) but autumned it up with a black belt and black boots. My empty wallet means that I have to recycle last season’s clothes, but I like mixing seasons up this way. Plus, you find you can get a lot more out of your clothes when you don’t designate them to a particular season.

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